Welcome to Leviathan's Clutch, a small microbreeder located in Southern New England. We began collecting, like many others, primarily due to the love of the animals. It wasn't long before we ended up with quite a few on our hands, and the interest in genetics took over. We have been engrossed in maintaining our collection and are working towards producing some amazing animals.

Since 2010, we have been raising our pythons from hatchlings and have cared for them throughout their development. Our collection remains relatively small compared to many others, but this allows us to care for and monitor each snake several times a day to ensure proper cleanliness and overall health. We also use a custom designed QR Barcode system to track feedings, shed cycles, and weight progression. This system ties directly into an online database and is in turn utilized by this website to see tracking statistics as they happen. Additionally each snake has a complete lineage and genetic breakdown available on their page.

Customer service is one of our top priorities alongside the well being of our animals. The customer experience should not end at the point of sale, and we encourage continued communication throughout the life of the snake should there be any questions or concerns.